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Mindful yoga & holistic life coaching for the modern, busy, whole-hearted you.

Clients come to me seeking balance, connection and fulfilment in an otherwise hectic life. They want space for self care, and to live life being the best version of themselves. Not tomorrow, next year, but now. If you feel this way too, I can help you flourish and thrive directly from my house to yours.

I'm Nina Airey senior yoga teacher and holistic life coach from Surrey and founder of Wellhouse Yoga. I offer a weekly schedule of online yoga classes and events to support mind, body and soul. Classes range from my signature mindful flow, to dynamic vinyasa flow, to soothing restorative flow and yin yoga. I offer specialist classes in pregnancy yoga, therapeutic chair yoga, and yoga therapy for anxiety. As a fully qualified & certified yoga teacher with an established career in performance and leadership coaching, I bring a unique and personalised approach to yoga, and I'm confident you will find a style that's just right for you. 

Wellhouse Yoga offers something for everyone who wants to lead a life of fulfilment, balance and positivity with the convenience of practising from home. So book your virtual mat and let me help you Live Your Best Life today. 


Thought-Based Approach

Psychology-informed yoga and holistic life coaching

I like to think my approach to yoga is a little different.  Combining my corporate background with my passion for teaching yoga, I offer yoga classes and holistic coaching rooted in current wellbeing approaches to give you the tools to live a happier life. 

Yes, I do offer the more traditional yoga classes including my signature mindful flow, vinyasa flow, restorative flow and yin yoga, and my specialist classes such as pregnancy yoga, yoga therapy for anxiety and chair yoga have been developed through my continued commitment to my development as a teacher.

My approach allows you to ‘meet yourself on the mat’ -  so you get to know you a little deeper, restore balance and thrive in life!


Yoga & Meditation

Honouring Patanjali's 8 limbs of ashtanga (Raja) yoga through these ancient mind, body, spiritual practices blended with mantra, mindfulness and modern movement techniques to help you cleanse, tone & relax -mind, body & soul.


Weaving the knowledge of the nervous system, the brain and how it relates to our perceptions, moods and responses into our practices as well as sharing techniques to support your patterns of thinking, and bring choice into how you perceive, relate and live life.

Positive psychology coaching

Getting to the heart of what matters to you, your values, and how you want to live life. Action oriented, scientifically-rooted, I can help you increase wellbeing, positivity, enhance and apply your strengths and improve how you feel about your choices & life.

5 ways to wellbeing

Simple, quick and effective ways to improve wellbeing, I layer the 5 Ways to Wellbeing framework by the New Economic Forum into the yoga coaching work I do - bringing an East meets West approach so you can relate to it easily, and make changes quickly.

“Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.”

BKS Iyengar


Live & Online Just For You


Online Yoga Classes

Yoga For Life

Specialist Yoga

Yoga is Self Care

1:1 Private Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration


I’d been doing twice weekly yoga classes for around a year when I was lucky enough to discover Nina. I hadn’t really been corrected in classes usually they had too many people in them for this type of one to one attention, most of my poses were a bit off at best. Nina soon corrected my poses and I can’t believe how far my practice has came under her guidance. As a man it’s not easy to find a class you feel comfortable in but everyone is so welcoming and friendly on the zoom class it’s a great experience I really look forward to every week.



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Classes and coaching are online via Zoom

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