Pregnancy Yoga

Flowing into Mamahood


Pregnancy is a very special and sacred time. It is a time to bond with your own little ‘Pear’ (my name for my little one when he was in my tummy),  as well as acknowledging and honouring the changes in your body. Yoga, which uniquely combines the physical, emotional and energetic body, is a wonderful way for you and baby to connect whilst supporting a mama’s changing body and helping to prepare her for the journey of birth. 

My online pregnancy yoga classes are intentionally small and intimate and offer a form of modified vinyasa flow – which matches movements to breath. Mamas can join the class from 12 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of their baby. Some of my Mama Pears have practiced yoga before, but for many, pregnancy brings them to the mat for the first time – so all levels are welcome!

A typical class includes:

•    Breathwork (pranayama) to nourish calm and restore

•    Strengthening and conditioning movements to help prepare for birth and asana (poses) to help you labour actively

•    Visualisations and meditations (Yoga Nidra/yogic sleep) to empower mamas-to-be to tap into their innate, feminine wisdom 

•    An emphasis on pelvic floor and core conditioning for your pregnant body

•    Space and time to connect, relax, be present and focus on you and your growing baby

•    Exploration of the founding yogic principles of the yamas and the niyamas, and how they help support emotional and energetic shifts as we journey into motherhood

•    Virtually meeting other mums-to-be