Women's Therapeutic Yoga for Wellbeing - flexible group self-care, sorted!

This 12 week integrative yoga programme aligns with the seasons, the elements, the 5 ways of wellbeing, and positive psychology to meet you exactly where you are in our first session. Anything goes. It does not matter where you are.

This group programme combines;
- 12 hours of livestream group yoga classes (over 9 weeks)
- 12 weeks unlimited access to the video library 

- 1 x 60 min virtual seasonal closing ceremony 

It ultimately creates space for healthful somatic movement and therapeutic yoga practices to let the Whole Hearted You Flourish. 


East Meets West

Each of the psychology inspired themes uniquely take an East meets West approach. Using the best of current wellbeing thinking (read more here) and blending it with yogic, spiritual principles at their core, this programme will support you to grow, develop and help your wellbeing flourish.​

And why is that good for me?

Let’s face it, life can throw a few curveballs our way. We've seen that in the last few years. Running on that endless treadmill, trying to ‘keep all the plates spinning’, or overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, loss and depression can all set us back.  And often we’re not well equipped to deal with it all, or we rarely have the time to pause, reflect, think differently. My Flourish programme is seasonally focussed, and is designed to support long term growth, to help you take back control of your wellbeing and become more resilient at dealing with the tricky stuff life throws at us. To find joy, ease and balance. Put simply, to Flourish. And who doesn’t need a bit of that?


Livestream Schedule

Mon 12th Sept - Fri 9th Dec



6:30 AM

Women's Therapeutic Mindful Flow


6:30 AM

Women's Therapeutic Yoga for Wellbeing


10:00 AM

Women's Therapeutic Restorative Flow

The Seasonal closing ceremony date will be confirmed as part of the programme registration.

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists”



How Does it Work?

There are 12 weekly themes based on yoga philosophy, living a positive life, blended up with the 5 ways to wellbeing and combined with coaching and challenges to bring them to life - on and off the mat. 

We meet 3 times a week in our group yoga classes for 9 weeks, then coaching and challenges continue during the embodying and integration weeks using the online library, and we finish the season with our virtual closing ceremony. 

Investment: £285 for 12 Weeks Programme 

Payment Plan available: £95 per month


12 Weeks Includes:

12 hours of livestream group yoga classes (over 9 weeks)

12 weeks unlimited access to the video library

1 x 60 min group seasonal closing ceremony

Liking the sound of this but you also want some 1:1 support during that time? Upgrade to the SheRose Programme - all the same offerings as Flourish with the added 1:1 tailored approach to really rise and flourish.