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Yoga for Life

Join me on the virtual mat for my intimate group yoga classes working with movement, stillness, space, breath, focus and intention which promise to provide a sense of overall wellbeing. Choose from my signature mindful flow class, an energising and dynamic vinyasa flow class to a more restorative gentle flow or yin yoga session. Perhaps you have a more specific need for a class, where my specialist yoga classes will be just for you. My classes are a great way to explore physical and mental wellbeing whilst building a practical routine of self-care through regular attendance.

I teach classes live online via Zoom so you can practice from the ease and comfort of your home.


Flow & Let Go


My signature class created from a blend of yoga, mantra, mindfulness and meditation. This slow flow class works with intentional movement, personal reflection and exploring space in mind, body and soul. Perfect for when the mind is full.


Move with Intention


A dynamic, flowing and energising practice which builds strength, stamina and tone.  This class provides a more powerful flow by matching movement to breath - vinyasa literally means to ‘to place in a special way’ or to ‘move with intention’.

Restore Balance


A restorative and nourishing class building strength and suppleness whilst encouraging relaxation. Suitable for beginners or those recovering from injury.  Dive into this soft and gentle flow and restore balance to the emotional and energetic body.


Surrender to the Mat

Yin Yoga

Yin is not just a workout for the body, but exercises your mental strength as well.  Using static poses which can be held for up to 10 minutes at a time and sending prana (energy) to the supportive areas, we explore the limits of the body.  In this quiet space we observe any negative self-talk and help release energetic blockages.

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Why not join as a member to get balance across your week by mixing up your practice of restful yin and energising yang classes?